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Intelligent Charging Units



1. Wide input voltage range: 90~290Vac
2. High efficiency and energy saving, full load conversion efficiency ≥92%
3. Perfect input and output protection function, safe and reliable performance
4. 485 communication, having sound software communication and monitoring management
5. Heat dissipation: forced air cooling
6. Size(mm):257*112*85.6


Model: HK2650A-CT
Input voltage range:90~155Vac(1200W)
Power factor:≥0.95
Output voltage:+30Vdc~+59Vdc/40V
Output current range:0~45A
Communication method:458 communication
Operating temperature:-20~65℃
Machine efficiency:≥92% 220Vac(Vo=59V) 50-100% Load
≥93% 220Vac(Vo=59V/Io=30A)
Protection function:Input over-voltage/input under-voltage protection,output over-voltage/over-current/short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection.



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