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Huntkey Delivers a Speech about Safe Fast-Charging on National Power Supply Quality and Technology Summit


On October 19, 2021, the first National Power Supply Quality and Technology Summit hosted by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) was held in Shenzhen. Nearly 260 people including universities scholars, industry experts, business representatives, and laboratory representatives attended the meeting. Huntkey was invited to participate in the meeting as a corporate representative and conducted technical exchanges. Three Huntkey's power supply products won the dual certification of CQC performance.


At the meeting, Mr.Zeng, deputy director of China Quality Certification Center, mentioned that switching power supply, as the core equipment of transmission and conversion, has many design fields and extremely wide applications. With the continuous development of 5G, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, new energy and other fields, the localization of components and the rapid application and development of third-generation semiconductor technology have injected new impetus and technological innovation into the high-quality development of the power supply industry. The continuous development of miniaturization and high power density of power supply products has also brought unprecedented challenges to the design, production, product safety and performance of power supply products.


Mr.Zeng, deputy director of CQC, delivered a speech

Then, the China Quality Certification Center issued certificates for many companies that obtained CQC performance classification certification this year. Huntkey, as the main drafting unit of power performance certification standards, has three products passed the certification.


Huntkey's three products passed the certification


Mr.Zeng, deputy director of CQC, issued certificates to Huntkey

In the product technology exchange process, Mr.Zhao, the manager of product center gave a comprehensive introduction to Huntkey's 65W GaN fast charging products with the theme of "safe fast charging and aerospace quality". The video of a fire caused by the poor contact between the AC input shrapnel of the charger and the PCB had triggered everyone to think about the safety hazards of high-power fast charging products. In this way, Mr.Zhao stated that Huntkey is determined to make the most demanding aerospace products in the industry.


Mr.Zhao delivered a keynote speech on "Safe Fast Charging and Aerospace Quality"

Mr.Zhao gave a keynote speech on the basic features of the product, the four core processes, the three key designs, and the five performance indicators. Mr.Zhaoshowed everyone the design advantages of Huntkey's fast charging products in terms of volume, weight, power density and output interface.He introduced the characteristicsof Huntkey's fast charging products such as low temperature rise, high output efficiency and long service life. In terms of audible noise, it is at the high level in the industry, and the leakage current of the product is 6% of the industry standard, making it safer for users to use.


Huntkey and the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) signed a strategic cooperation

In 2020, Huntkey and the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) successfully signed a strategic cooperation to create a new generation of aerospace-grade quality products. At the same time, Huntkey is also the first station of China's dual-certified power supply "Visit Hundreds of Famous Enterprises" in 2020. As a brand in the power supply industry, Huntkey pays great attention to fast chargers in terms of circuit design principles, device selection, and front-end R&D. Huntkey has also set up a fast charging safety technology research group with 10 dedicated technical teams to conduct research and in-depth exploration from fast charging safety theory, safety tests, and safety standards.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Huntkey has been workingon the power supply industry for 26 years since its establishment. It has a power supply R&D scientific laboratory and advanced safety and reliability research test platform worth 200 million. It actively pays attention to advanced power supply technology and third-generation semiconductor applications. Innovation is the core, Huntkey will adhere to the concept of "professionalism, innovation, and quality", to provide customers with safer and more reliable high-quality products.

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