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Huntkey was awarded as "National Advanced Unit for Democratic Management of Factory Business"


On December 10th, The video conference of national factory democratic management work experience exchange and advanced unit awarding was held in Beijing. And a branch venue was set up in Guangdong at the same time. The sub-venue meeting honored the enterprises for its democratic management of factory business in Guangdong province

At the meeting Huntkey was awarded the title of "National Advanced Unit for Democratic Management of Factory Business". Li Jinpeng, Vice Chairman of Huntkey Labor Union, attended the meeting and took the award on behalf of Huntkey. There were 28 units in the province have been awarded, only 2 enterprises in Shenzhen have won this honor.

On the morning of December 11, the delegations of labor union in Guangdong visited Huntkey and held an seminar of factory democratic management work. After that, the delegations went to the Tianan Yungu Conference Hall to exchange the ideas about "multi-form and multi-level labor-management communication and consultation mechanism". Cheng Fahong, chairman of Huntkey labor union, attended the meeting and reported the work of Huntkey labor union.

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