Huntkey Enterprise Group


Core ValuesBe Modest, Create Value, Chase Dreams

Be Modest
Manage family affairs and start a career with diligence
Self-cultivate morality and virtues with frugality
Treat others with reverence and great respect
Forgive others with a generous and kind heart

Create & Pass Value
Create value for users
Create wealth for society
Create Benefits for partners
Create opportunities for employees
Create return for shareholders

Chase Dreams
Huntkey Dream: To be a respectable company
Our Dream: work towards a common goal then make self-achievements

Management PhilosophySet up platforms, attract talents, make progress together.
Customer-centric, value-oriented.

Talent ConceptIdentify, cultivate, motivate and retain talents

Behavioral GuidelinesTask-oriented and take main responsibility. Perform as promised and make all-out efforts.

Working CodesThere should be obeying no breaking laws and rules
There should be credibly developing no counterfeiting
There should be genuinely constructing no jerry-building
There should be integrity no cheating
There should be win-win cooperating no cutthroat competing
There should be responsibility embracing no buck-passing
There should be honestly behaving no flattering
There should be truth seeking no reality distorting
There should be self-perfection no self-satisfaction
There should be keep fighting no surrendering

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